Monday, 30 July 2012

Travel Day

Phew we made it.  It was a nice surprise when we got to the Calgary Airport, and my mum had upgraded us to business class, yup the pods with the full beds!  Not too spoiled!  We all had a brown cow, yes Vhari passed for 18, cheers to the trip, light dinner and slept until on hour before we touched down at LHR.  We breezed through security, as we all have EU passports, and onto Paris.  The question was…..will all our luggage make this trip???  The answer was yes, so we jumped in a cab and headed to our apartment.  I can’t tell you how frightening that was!  Just to let you know that no one pays attention to lanes, or traffic lights. (do they have traffic lights in Paris?)  At one point we where sitting in a intersection with a huge bus on one side of us, cars all over, traffic lights were red and an ambulance with full sirens coming behind us – oh lord help us!!  We managed to get to our apartment safely, and after lugging our luggage up 4 flights of stairs that are the same as at the leaning tower of Pisa, home sweet home.  After a quick dinner we all crashed into bed, resting up for the next 5 days in Paris.

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