Thursday, 27 June 2013

The night before CHRISTMAS!!!!

Yes, we are off tomorrow morning.

The weather has cooperated, and highway 1 is open. I was going to call Nenshi to say chop chop on the highway as we are leaving tomorrow, but in his awesomeness, it was not necessary.

Packing will be interesting as our combined truck space is about the size of a bread box,  I guess full body bedazzling will have to do for vegas as not much will fit in the trunks.  Play list for me is intact.  Of course Boston's More than a feeling will be on a continuous loop for the first 30 mins, then Pink Floyd, The Wall will follow.  After that it will just be SIRIUS radio.  Tim has the radar/jammer, but his comment to me is "How fast do you plan on following me"  which means I will lose him in the first 3 minutes as he will be going 160 and my max is 130.  Good thing our walkie talkies have a 40 km range....... Wish us luck!!!

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