Friday, 28 June 2013

Ah - I told you so!

Day one, we just drove to the cabin.  The highway was open, and I cannot tell you the devastation of Canmore and Banff, but I am even more impressed how they got the road in shape for travel so soon.  As I drove by, at the speed limit, I yelled thanks, and good work to all the workers!  It is truly an unbelievable feat what they have accomplished.

With a minor slow down at Canmore and Banff, we continued on our way.  I guess that this point I should mention that Tim and I had a conversation about approx speeds for different legs of the trip.  We decided that 145 km/h would be on Highway 1 and 105 km/h would be our speed for the 93/95 to Radium.  For those of you who don’t know, if you are caught going 30 over the posted speed limit in BC, they impound your car on the spot for 7 days.  They also do not provided transportation to the nearest town either.

During our glorious drive down Highway 1, we had a few new BFF’s that just tucked in behind Tim and I and followed us the whole way to Castle Junction.  It was quite funny actually.  There were small tears in their eyes when we merged onto the Castle Junction turn off.

Tim had settled into a speed of about 115 km/h, and I just let him go.  I just chilled at 105 top down listening to music, on the other side of the highway was a Porsche Driving Club, must have passed 50 Porsche’s going the other way.  Just gave them a quick wave, and continued on.  This just proves that Porsche’s are better than Corvette’s.

Finally caught up to Tim, and just cruised up to the top of Radium hill at which point I knew I would lose Tim once again.  This is one of Tim’s favorite roads to drive Mach 300 on.  He managed to pass all of the big trucks, and had a clear road in front of him.  A couple of RCMP passed us going the other way up the hill. Apparently, Tim took this as a sign from god that he could go really fast.  With that, he activated the GOPRO camera, so he could relive each curve in the road.  Good thing he did, cause he caught the flashing lights on the other side of the road coming after him.  The RCMP spun around, and pull him over.  Just then, I came upon the flashing lights.  I knew it was Tim.  I pulled over in front of him, thinking for sure that his car was going to be impounded.  The RCMP asked Tim why I pulled in front of them.  He replied……….oh, that’s my wife!  Bless the RCMP, he did not impound Tim’s car, and only gave him a warning and $130 speeding ticket.  I think that the RCMP felt a little sorry for him, as Tim had to deal with me at the bottom of the hill.  I TOLD YOU SO!!!!  We are 2 hours and 22 mins into our trip and you have a @#$%#@@ speeding ticket!!!  And that is just another reason why separate cars are good.  Allows you time to cool down.  (ps – mum and dad, we really did not go that fast J)

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