Saturday, 13 August 2011

Athens, Greece

We were so glad to be away from Turkey (Turk-whores).  We still can’t believe how crooked they are....oh well move on.
As we entered the port and about a million cabs were waiting there to give you the best deal of your life.  Tim told them that I was the boss, and it was like throwing bread to pigeons in a square.  Next thing I know they were all over me.  Vhari was yelling to Tim to get the camera out – I guess it was quite a sight.  One guy asked me why I was yelling, and I told him because he was yelling at me!  They were offering us for 125 Euros to drive us for 3.5 hours.  OMG – could they have been any higher.  After fighting for my life we made it out of the cab zone to find a lone wolf waiting at the top of the street.  He just came over and asked what we wanted.  All we wanted was to see was the Acropolis, and shopping.  He said 40 Euros round trip. (which is about right)  He then said that he would take us everywhere for 60 Euros if we wanted. (We had him from 9:30-4:00)  He also told us that when we buy the tickets to see the Acropolis it included all other attractions, and not to pay for the kids because they were free. Who knew!  He was a testament that there are good people in the world.  He showed us the changing of the guards, and what their uniform meant.  Zeus’ palace and a couple of other things that we chose to sit in the air conditioned car to see.  Shopping was great.  God bless Tim and Travis as they sat for 1.5 hours in front of a store in the shade waiting for us.  At one point Travis fell asleep.  Tim got to people watch, and see the pick pockets circling.
The Acropolis was very cool.  You can see for miles at the top of it.  It is hard to believe that some of those structures were made in as little as 6 years, and are still standing 2000 years later.  It is impossible to take it all in, but we are glad that we can say that we have seen it.  The Cabby took us by the Olympic Stadium.  It is really quite amazing that a lot of the Ancient City is preserved under the new Athens.  Tim still can’t recognize things and seems to think that it all has been excavated in the last 30 years.
Of course, we are all about the food.  The cabby recommended this great restaurant.  The waiter was outstanding, and we have about 12 pictures of him that he took himself.  It was nice just to sit and enjoy Athens.  We absolutely love Greece and would go back in a heartbeat.
Tomorrow we are at sea for the whole day, so the kids are pulling an all nighter with their friends. (I don’t think they will make it!)

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  1. Hey Family in Europe.. Love you blog, I am enjoying reading about the adventures. Love the notes from the kids. Just to keep you updated we Had some tragic news from Sask, Justin (Karens son) was killed in a ATV accident this morning. No real details yet