Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Day at Sea /Tunisia

Day at Sea
Not much to report other that I won again at Bingo.  Yup, $160 big ones.  Tim just about crapped his pants, and I could not believe it either.  We just hung out today, lying around the pool, eating and napping.  Just a normal day.
The good news is that we could not see any smoke in the distance from Libya.  The guide was telling us that Tunisia currently does not have a President since the rebels started taking over Libya. 
We had a beach day in Tunisia.  They took us to an upscale hotel that we could use the beach and the pool area.  It was really in the middle of nowhere, and really could not imagine why anyone would stay there.  Anyways, we have the pictures of us riding camels on the beach.  The camel was so mad that it had to get up and down so many times.  Tim being that last one to ride, the camel was just growling that he did not want to get up again, and the camel guy was yelling back.  Quite funny really.  We hung out at the beach for a while until Vhari had discovered a bunch of dead crabs on the bottom of the sea.  Off we went to the pool.  Swam around there for about an hour then back to the boat.  From what we saw of Tunisia it seems to be a little bit of a shit hole.  Kinda reminded us of Turkey.  You have to barter for everything.  That just takes up too much energy at this point of the trip. J

Palermo tomorrow and then Naples.  I have to saw that I am ready to come home.  This has been an outstanding trip, but it is true that there is no place like home.
Notes by Tim
I really can’t comment on Tunisia as I really never saw it as the people on the bus would not take an extra 10 minutes to tour around. Tunisian beer was really good.

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