Monday, 8 August 2011


We have been cruising for a couple of days.  Our cabins are great, and are side by side.  Tim in his usually Timness – sought out the teenagers on the ship and dragged them over to Travis and Vhari.  I was unsure if the kids were going to speak to him ever again,  as they begged him not to do it and he did it anyway.  It is all okay now. (thank goodness, the dinner table was really quite for a while last night)  Last night was formal night and Travis put on his suit and tie.  He looked outstanding.  Vhari looked stunning as well, but her hair straightener has broken.  You can imagine the hair trauma we are having.  We are currently looking for a new one.........
Dubrovnik, Croatia today.  It is beautiful town.  We went to Old Town first and roamed around there for a while.  We have now had the best food so far.  Our cabby recommended a place for seafood, and it was unbelievable.  Squid, lobster, mussels, local fish – all in a thick garlic sauce – yummy.  We then went to a public beach for an hour to swim in the Med.  Vhari could have stayed all day.  It was a nice break from the heat.  I cannot explain how hot it is.  When it is 30 at the cabin, it is hot but manageable somehow.  Here it is 30 degrees, and we feel that we are in a hot yoga studio.  Everyone fights for the shady side of the street.  It was nice to get back to the ship and cool down/shower.  I am currently sitting on my deck typing. Our side of the ship is in the shade facing the town.  Ahhhhhh
Notes from Vhari
Finally got to swim, dive, play in the water.  The pools are just not the same.  The Croatian people are all so beautiful.  I need a straightener!

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