Thursday, 18 August 2011

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco
A day with Vhari and Julie
I now know what the extremely rich looks like.  As we pulled into port, the yachts were unbelievable!   Who has that kind of money, and how can I get some.  Vhari is trying to think how she can make 500 million so she can live that life.  We split up today so the girls could shop and the boys did not have to be tortured.   We were all about the shopping thinking that there was something that we could actually afford.  Well, we found it and it was called lunch!  We had lunch across from the Casino on designer row (I think that this was the most expensive lunch to date....our drinks were more than our lunch  bahahaha!). Louis/Prada/Salvador/Cartier/Chanel etc were across the street from us on the plaza.  The good news was we had internet there so Vhari was able to catch up on life at home. We went into Louis V., and I really should have bought another wallet as I have had mine for over 20 years, but I cannot part with it because my mum bought it for me and it has too much sentimental value.  Maybe one day....... or that is just proof for Tim that I should buy all designer stuff as it lasts a life time.    Monte Carlo is very cool in itself, tiered like Greece.  We had a look at real estate and you could get a dump on Dive Street starting from 600,000 Euros. (I don’t think that it has a bathroom)  We saw the train that took people around Monte Carlo, and laughed that Tim and Travis was probably on it.......and they were!  Travis looked so happy (not), and Tim really was!  We really tried to buy something, but it was not in the cards.  The mother in me found the grocery store and bought chips/candy for Vhari and Travis.  Shampoo/razors/deodorant/mouthwash how lame is that.  I made Vhari walk through the traffic tunnel to get there as it was quicker.  She was so not impressed.  Off to Barcelona tomorrow for two days.....maybe our luck will be better. 
A day with Tim and Travis
I decided to make Travis lead the day. We pulled into port on out tender (rescue boat that takes you to port) about 9:30 am. We took the escalator to the Oceanic Museum and Travis still qualifies as an infant. He did not think much of that but my wallet said Yahoo. Inside was Jacque Costou’s pickle jars filled with squid from 1950. Boriiiing.  I kept looking for the shark that bit off Philip’s head.  Downstairs was quite a nice aquarium.  We finished that and right outside was a little train that took you all around Monte Carlo for 8 Euros, Score. On the train we could see all the tourists dyeing in the sun. I love to see others suffer. I’m melting. I was really enjoying this until I ran into Julie and Vhari shopping in the most expensive part of Monte Carlo.  We walked down the hill directly to the F1 store and bought a jacket, toque, and ball cap. The nice lady told is about the best pizza place called the Royal. We went there for lunch and it was fantastic. I got a tear in my eye realizing I was sitting in Monte Carlo with the rich and famous with number 1 son on the promenade having the best beer and pizza of my life. While sitting there 6 Bentley, 5 Ferrari, 2 Porsche, and 1 maseratti went by, all driven by really ugly people. I am now sitting on the deck drinking wine from Tuscany thinking how much overtime I will have to due to pay for this.  Well I always say when you are dead you are dead for a long time.  Ps I really did go to Monte Carlo 30 years ago, I don’t care what my family says. TimmerO

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