Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lost in Translation

It was a rocky start in Rome.  My luggage was lost.  I think it was the gods were getting back at me for doing the dance of joy when Tim had the heaviest bag at the airport!!  After trying for many hours to see the status of it in Italian. A desperate call to my mum and dad to call Air Canada for me.  And of course, my mum and dad saved the day!  Had it sorted in 30 minutes, and I got my bag that night.  I have the BEST parents.  The good news is that being married to an insurance agent has it perks - yes lost luggage insurance.  I would like to that Intact Insurance for the small shopping spree in Italy!

We have seen a ton.  We hired a private guide for two days to take us everywhere, and that is what they did.  It is unbelievable the history.  One thing to note for my St. Louis' - we did manage to have a bad meal in Italy.  Since then it has all be outstanding.  Wendy- let me just say sipping on Prosecco in Italy is fab, and I toast you each time. J  We are all currently on overload, but having a blast so far.  Tomorrow is a shopping day for Vhari and I.  Vhari needs to move here, as EVERYTHING is just her size, and August is the month that everything is on sale.  CHARGE IT!  Travis is just taking in all in.  He has amazing facts in the head, and every once and a while he throws something out there.  We all look at him in amazement.  The good thing with him, is he can remind us of everything thing that has been said over the last two days.  AWESOME!

Notes by Vhari

My bank card will be on fire tomorrow. I need to find myself a nice Italian man. Words of wisdom: don’t go to the catacombs there are no dead guys and the tour guides don’t like it when you make annoying sounds and go places you’re not supposed to.

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