Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Civitavecchia, Italy
The intention was to find a beach and hang out for the day.  That really never happened.  Unlike all the other ports with a thousand cabs waiting to take you everywhere; here there was none.  We walked for about 20 minutes in the scorching heat to see if we could find the shuttle/taxi, but no luck.  We do not even see the end of the port.  A few other couples were wandering around too.  Not sure what happen to them, but we decided to just go back to the ship.  With most everyone having disembarked we had the ship to ourselves for a few hours.  The only bad thing is now the crew serves for the next 48 hours to help ward off Norwalk.  I guess that is good, but now you have to ask out loud for one of each dessert.  Yikes.
The kids have to meet new friends as most of them left today, so they are just sticking with us.  It is nice hanging by the pool, drinking fruity drinks, and watching all the newbees trying to figure everything out.  We are off the see the Leaning Tower of Pisa tomorrow among a billion other things.  After tomorrow, it will be beach days until the end of the cruise.  We have had quite enough history for one trip.

Notes from Tim
The eating continues.......They had the nerve to drop off a plate of chocolates to our room just to push me over the edge!!!

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