Sunday, 21 August 2011

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Day 2
It started off we all went on one of the open air tour buses to see a little bit of the city.  We saw a few sights.  More churches, fountains and monuments.  We had to at least say we saw a little of Barcelona.  We came to a mall that had over 150 stores and that is where Vhari and I left the boys – see ya!  We looked through all the stores, and the mall had free wi fi, so again we got caught up on what is happening in our world.  Internet on the ship costs three billion dollars a minute, so we now seek out cafes/malls/restaurants with free wi fi to keep in touch.  Not much to be had at that mall so after a spectacular lunch of Burger King – yes, burger king in Spain we hopped back on the bus to get to the main shopping plaza.  We went to every possible store as the sales are here as well in August.  Vhari found some great buys, and would still be there if the ship was not leaving today.  We shopped from 11:00 – 6:00. Phew.  At one point Vhari wanted to go down one of the side streets.  I said sure and followed along.  As we went a few meters in, we discovered that we had picked hooker and crack head row!!!! That is a life lessons that requires no explanation.  We were too far in to turn back, and could see the end.  Vhari was white knuckling everything she owned, and walked faster than an Olympic walker.  I wanted to stop at a liquor store on the way back to the main street but she would have none of that.  Once we made back to the plaza we stopped in an open air cafe for a beer and sangria to people watch for a while.  That in itself is an event.  I finally convinced Vhari that it was time to head back to the boat, and she finally said okay.
I can’t really say what the boys did today, and Tim does not want to type anything.  So I say, they went on the bus, saw some stuff, ate at McDonalds and went back to the ship for a nap.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Off to the Water Park we went today.  The funny thing was that it was a Western theme.  It looked like Heritage Park crossed with the Stampede.  We felt quite at home and laughed at everyone thinking how unique this was.  They even had their picture taken with a cowboy hat and a toy gun.  Yee-haw!  Went on every slide played around in the water, and had a great time.  None of us could tell you anything about Mallorca, I am sure that there is a lot to see here as there were cabbies wanting to take us on tours.  They were quite deflated when we said we are going to the water park. 
Interestingly went we pulled into the Port of Mallorca there were two Canadian Navel Ships in port.  Not sure why they are here, but if anyone is looking for them here they are.  Would that not be half of the Canadian Navy in Spain?  When pulling out of port an Italian Navel ship was pulling in.  Hmmmmmm???  We did get a notice that travelling outside of a group in Tunisia is not recommended because of the unrest there.  Maybe that has something to do with it.  As my mum is reading this......know that we have booked a tour through the ship in Tunisia and will not be travelling alone!  Sea day tomorrow.  Perhaps more bingo, shuffle board, gym, Texas hold’em, how to make your lanyard sparkle – the excitement is killing us!  All we know for sure is that we won’t see the kids until sometime in the afternoon when they get up!

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