Monday, 15 August 2011

Princess Returns

Top 5 Good

1.       Swimming at the beach in Croatia and Corfu
2.       The overall sleeping experience (pillows, rocking etc.)
3.        Staying out late with my friends
4.       Seeing the apocalypse (Acropolis)
5.       Putting hand sanitizers in Travis’ feet or anything that annoys him
6.       Gelato and the Penne at my favourite restaurant
7.       My donkey in Santorini as well as all the various animals
8.       The Sistine Chapel and Claudio
Top 5 bad
1.       Taxi driver in turkey OH MY GOD.....
2.       food at the Vatican
3.       the extreme heat
4.       Travis’ feet on my bed
5.       Seeing so many churches and ruins
6.       Getting up early
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