Monday, 1 August 2011

Travel Day

We breezed through security in Calgary, almost thought that we did not even go through it.  We get on the plane to Toronto, and see we have two small kids in front of Vhari, Travis and I.  As we have all travelled with children, we started out with a little sympathy.  Mum on her own with kids.  Okay, I can have sympathy, however, I ALWAYS changed stinky ass diapers soon after it happens.  Not this mum.  I swear to god the kid poop 7.5 minutes into the 3.5 hour flight.  Oh joy!  Stinky ass diaper smell for 3 hours.  p.s. she also ate a Caesar salad to boot on the plane. Only to get up at the end and state very loudly - I guess I should change your diaper....DO YA THINK!

Arrived in T.O. and our flight to Rome is delayed by 2 hours.  Not that big of a deal as we were in the First Class Lounge (not flying first class - insert Tim's reaction here)  I pointed out to Tim that one of the Dragon's from Dragon's Den was sitting next to us.  It took all three of us to convince Tim that it would not be cool to slap him on the back and introduce himself.  Tim had to be escorted from then on every time he moved.  haha.  Off to the plane for Italy.....wish us luck!

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