Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Today was Corfu.  A beach day deemed by Tim, as he came here 30 years ago and wanted to relive the memory.  He has been talking about this for the last few months that he was going to handle Corfu.  It is one of his fondness memories when he travelled Europe with his buddy.  We blew the big bucks and got a cab to take us there and back.  Nicos, our driver, was great and recommend a restaurant that he would pick us up at.  We all laughed when we said that Greece was now our best meal to date.  We swam for a couple of hours at Paleokastrita. (this will be an important fact as I continue) Had beach chairs and sun umbrellas which was a nice touch as it was 33 degrees here today.  Tim looked around and could not quite remember the beach.  He said that it looked a little different.
When Nicos picked us up, Tim quizzed him about the beach.  Well don’t you know that Tim has had the wrong beach in his head for the last 30 years!  He went to the beach at Pelekas.  It is now all a little sketchy for whatever Tim remembers.  Funny most places we have been, he does not recognize..........  We don’t actually think that he toured anywhere.  We believe that he was holed up in some crack house in Calgary at looked at postcards.  hahahaha
Nickos solve the hair straightener dilemma for Vhari.  Interesting how history repeats itself.  I made a bus driver drive into Fernie on a ski trip as I had forgotten my hair dryer.  Us McSweeny chicks are clearly a little vein.  Haha.  God Bless Nicos   We now have a 15 year old that is so happy.
We have also discovered that there seems to be no drinking age in Europe, so the kids have been enjoying drinks with us in Cafe’s or lunch time.
Tim’s note:
Saw a jelly fish in the ocean.

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