Monday, 15 August 2011

Messina, Italy

Stopped here for a couple of hours and just walked around.  It is Assumption today, so everything is closed.  So today we are doing our 10 ten so far:
1.       St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City
2.       Lunch in Corfu – best meal ever
3.       Croatia
4.       Hand sanitizer on new blisters
5.       Worst food ever in Vatican City (do not know that was even possible)
6.       Claudio/Nicos are the best taxi drivers ever, and had a ton of knowledge
7.       Crack House/Leather House in Turkey (thought we were going to die)
8.       Cabby’s attacking my mum in Greece
9.       All you can eat all the time on the boat
10.   12 more days until I get to go back home
One has to been home to participate......last day with her friends........
1.       Getting my luggage back in Rome
2.       Coliseum in Rome
3.       Seafood platter in Croatia
4.       Beach day in Greece
5.       Tim never getting any of the names/places right (best one was in Greece the lady said her name was Helen, and Tim said he would call her Linda – she was not impressed L
6.        Lying in bed when the ship is rocking
7.       Seeing all the different Cities each day
8.       Not having to plan dinners/do laundry/clean up after anyone (that is really number 1)
9.       The adventure of it all
10.   Just to be able to do this – SPECTACULAR!
1.       Touring the ruins of Ephesus
2.       Seeing Athens from the top of Acropolis
3.        Watching my Jewel win at BINGO for the first time
4.       Having Gelato with my son at the corner cafe in Rome
5.       Seeing my daughter give me the stink eye from across the pool deck
6.       Watching the cabby attack Julie in Greece
7.       Having wine on our deck as the ship pulls out to sea
8.       Having supper with the family when we are all dressed formal
9.       Sleeping while the ship travels at night
10.   Soft ice cream in the afternoon
Top 10 Bad
1.       Wet fart while walking in 33 degree heat in Rome
2.       Only bad meal in the trip was in Vatican City
3.       Taxi driver in Turkey trying to rip me off
4.       Getting hassled by the salesmen in Turkey
5.       Dirty streets in Messina
6.       Spray paint on all the buildings in Europe
7.       Sitting in the back seats of cab, so I can’t talk
8.       Toilet paper in Europe
9.       Ticket vendor guy at Olympia who can’t add
10.   Donkey shit going up Santorini

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